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Indoor wingsuiting is an indoor skydiving sport where participants wear a wingsuit that mimics the experience of skydiving by simulating the sensation of flight using a suit with fabric "wings" between the legs and under the arms. The goal is to control the movement and glide through the air while performing various acrobatics.

Indoor wingsuiting provides a safe and controlled environment for wingsuit skydivers to practice and improve their skills, such as body control and formation flying, without the risks associated with outdoor skydiving. Additionally, indoor wingsuiting allows skydivers to train year-round, regardless of weather conditions, and to experience the sensation of flight without the need for a plane or a high altitude jump.


World class wingsuit pilots and coaches Amber Forte and Espen Fadnes organise monthly Wingsuit Tunnel camps at the Indoor Wingsuit facility in Stockholm, Sweden.


When you sign up for a camp, you can choose how many days and minutes you would like to fly within the camp dates. We will help you to design a training plan which suits you and supports you towards reaching your goals. We will guide you from start to finish on your flying journey, with detailed briefing and de-briefing before and after every flight, with use of videos, visualisations and various explanation methods to help you understand specific tasks.

Upcoming camps dates:

Jan 12-18

Feb 11-18

April 10-18

April 28 - May 4

For more information and bookings: 

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